La Tertulia restaurant

Restaurante la Tertulia

Our special recommendation for this month is La Tertulia restaurant. Located in the district of “les Cortsfive minutes from Diagonal and Josep Tarradelles, La Tertulia is a rustic restaurant with a family atmosphere. Its decor is very warm colonial touches and offers well-lit and quiet spaces.
 La Tertulia restaurant

Among the most delicious dishes we highlight the steak tartare, the scallops gratinated, the lasagna with mushrooms, the Gregorian cod and a dish of the Catalan cuisine Mar i Muntanya.

Enjoy the visit to La Tertulia restaurant to get lost through the neighborhood of “Les Corts” where you can enjoy a leisurely walk together with the tranquility of its streets.

La Tertulia is situated at Carrer Morales 15, Barcelona
For reservations call 93 419 58 97

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