MWC Barcelona has been the beating heart of the digital communications industry since 2006. The Mobile World Congress salutes the human spirit and mobile technology’s role in celebrating it, so it was only a matter of time before it recovered from global COVID lockdowns. MWC Barcelona will finally be back on 28 February 2022. The event has been locked down since 2020, and the city’s hospitality industry has struggled under the weight of that inactivity.

MWC Barcelona
This year, you can expect to see the world’s largest mobile technology fair host more than 2, 400 exhibitors and 100,000 attendees. Seventy-eight of the MWC’s largest 100 exhibitors will be there. Still, the MWC isn’t out of the woods just yet. The event hosts will need to dedicate as much to pandemic recovery as they do to innovative digital technology. Those efforts will reap the impressive rewards that MWC has become famous for. It will bring the GSMA network the cutting-edge news, technological innovation, and media coverage that helps it to thrive.

A Safe MWC Experience

Barcelona’s retreat from MWC happened on the back of the tourism minister’s decision not to allow global tourists until 70% of locals had received the Covid-19 vaccine. This was the first time in 33 years that the event was cancelled, but the impact was phenomenal. A super spreader event 100,000 people-strong would have been devastating. This year, however, GSMA will require vaccination passports and negative COVID tests of all attendees. The world’s biggest mobile tech fair will march on, masks and all. With transmission rates reduced and strong control mechanisms in place, you can safely explore the industry without untenable risk.

MWC has taken a multi-layered approach to safety that keeps governmental health recommendations in mind. It’s relying on industry professionals to help develop powerful “safety layers.” Beyond vaccine passports, several other mechanisms will be in play:

  • Spain’s Ministry of Health protocols will be honoured
  • Gray Dawes will be helping foreigners to fly safely
  • The event will encourage touchless protocols by taking verification and registration online
  • The venue will be regularly sanitized, with disinfectant dispensers placed throughout Fira Barcelona
  • Reinforced ventilation will be encouraged via state-of-the-art systems. Air quality monitoring will include automated checks of temperature, humidity, and CO2 ppm levels
  • Overcrowding will be controlled via strategic floor plans and camera-based monitoring
  • COVID-19-specific health insurance will be provided by Fira Barcelona Europe
  • Trained medical staff will support infection protocols and onsite facilities

Join the MWC Barcelona With Us

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MWC Barcelona

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