Hotel Continental is proud of building trust for 200 years

Nowadays, when we are living moments of economic fragility and uncertainty for tourism, hotel sector and for the global economy, it is when Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) becomes more relevant.

Honesty is one of the key values ??from which CSR is born. It is having the courage to always tell the truth of the facts, to be reasonable and fair with your actions. Honesty is our letter of introduction with people abroad, it takes our actions as reference points, what we say and the way to react to any scenario. Thus honesty is the value that builds trust.

TRUST hotel continental barcelona Palacete

When there is trust, we are able to empathize, ask, make ourselves understood … more and better with our teams, suppliers and customers to involve them in being part of the solution, strengthen alliances, seek consensus, and negotiate fair and equitable conditions in favour of a good or greater common benefit.

The primary function of CSR is to remind and guide us on how to take the most correct way, such as reaching unanimous agreements and commitments and, above all, complying with the law without looking for shortcuts, discovering legal loopholes trying to circumvent it for its own benefit.

The magic power of CSR

When you open a frank dialogue with your stakeholders, when you build trust over so many years, when you show your true commitment to your people, your customers, your suppliers … that’s when difficult situations become easier. It is when together we commit ourselves to be part of the solution, to come out of it with more force.

Now is the time to dialogue, explain, understand each other, help each other, show solidarity. This is the magical power of CSR, to open up to the environment and to the other to overcome together, strengthen mutual trust and seek solutions that help overcome this crisis.

hotel continental barcelona palacete

In the Hotel Continental family, with almost 200 years of history, we have always strived to build this trust and now, in times of uncertainty and difficulty, this trust helps us as a shield to overcome obstacles and move forward thanks to the support, understanding and solidarity of our stakeholders.

Trust and understanding from our staff

The signs of understanding, trust, acceptance by our staff, most of which are still in Record of Temporary Employment Regulation, are a relief to this situation of helplessness. We are infinitely grateful for their patience, understanding, availability and support. Having the Hotel Continental Barcelona closed makes it unfeasible to support the entire structure of workers. It is a lesser evil compared to the consequences of recovering personnel before opening.

Now we can say, according to a recent decision that next Friday, July 3, Continental Barcelona will open again!

We hope that with the opening of borders to and from the countries of the European Union on July 1, it will have a positive effect and the conditions will be in place to be able to maintain the structure from now to ever.

And, of course, the trust, responsibility and commitment of those workers who have remained active and who have had to work hard to get to adopt all the measures and continue offering our best service, with all the guarantees at Hotel Continental Palacete, a Barcelona hotel on call during pandemic.

From here we want to give a huge THANK YOU for their dedication, for their professionalism and for their availability. Our team is the basis of our success and the one that has made it possible to survive everything after almost 200 years of family tradition in the hotel sector of Barcelona.

Collaboration and solidarity of our suppliers

This situation can be extrapolated to others. Long-term suppliers with whom we have a very close collaborative relationship are supporting us by offering discounts, advantageous payment terms, better deals… even exemptions from payment or bonuses. These gestures are what give meaning to our work. They give fresh air and hope in these difficult and uncertain times.

Thank you to our supply chain for your trust throughout so many years, for your understanding and for your unconditional support in this moment.

Of course the responsibility of our customers

Thanks to the commitment and responsibility of our guests, we have been able to continue operating at the Hotel Continental Palacete with “normality”.

Hotel Continental Palacete La Vanguardia Kim Manresa

We have adopted the established security and protection measures at all times and reached ever greater commitments as we were offered training and advice to guarantee the well-being of our customers and teams.

The information provided to our customers and their responsible behaviour has also been a reflection of this social responsibility that unites us towards a common good.

Thank you very much and we look forward to offering you our comfort, our love and our home: yours in Barcelona.

See you soon!

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