Gandules CCCB

The open-air cinema season at the CCCB is celebrating its 10th anniversary by showing some recent films acclaimed by critics and public alike but excluded from the more commercial circuits.

The open-air cinema seasons in Barcelona are a summer classic. And one of those responsible for their success is the “Gandules” season at the CCCB, which turns the “Pati de les Dones” into a cinema every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of August.

This year it is celebrating its tenth anniversary in a very special way: by rescuing some very recent films that, despite being recognised and acclaimed by the public and critics alike, have not made the commercial circuits.

This year you will be able to see films like Vénus noire, by Abdel Kechiche, The Day He Arrives, by Hong Sang-soo, and The Exterminating Angel, by Luis Buñuel, the latter of which was chosen by the public to celebrate the anniversary. This special screening will close the season on Friday 24th August.