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Exploring the Treasures of Catalonia with Hotel Continental Barcelona

Top best day trips from from Hotel Continental Barcelona and Continental Palacete

The Catalonian capital is a thriving city and worthy of exploration in its own right. That being said, day trips from Barcelona can be very rewarding, as well. If you are booked into Hotel Continental, one of the best hotels in Las Ramblas Barcelona, then you can enjoy the city’s many architectural and entertaining delights as well as use your accommodation as a great base to explore the wider region. Read on to find out more about the best places to visit outside Barcelona during your stay.

Hotel Continental Barcelona – Your Ideal Base

There is a lot to see close to Barcelona, so you won’t need to travel far from your city centre base at the Hotel Continental. Barcelona is sandwiched between some steep yet beautiful mountains to the west and some rugged coastline, including some delightful hidden beaches, to the west. On top of this, there are plenty of natural sights and historical sites to discover.

Hotel Continental Barcelona is among the most welcoming all-inclusive hotels located near Las Ramblas. Whether you’re on a city break or want to find out more about Catalonia’s hinterland, it is an ideal place to stay.

Hotel Continental Barcelona
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Montserrat – A Spiritual Escape

Day trips from Barcelona don’t get much better than a spiritual journey to the Montserrat Monastery. Perched on top of a mountain from which it gets its name, this religious site is considered to be Catalonia’s most important spiritual retreat. Even for non-believers, the site holds a certain power and many people head up to the top of the mountain simply to take in the breathtaking panorama. Looking down is simply stunning and for even better views, why not take the cable car for the final part of the journey?

Sitges – A Coastal Paradise

Located just a few miles down the coast from Barcelona, Sitges is an unspoilt and traditional coastal town with a charming harbour. There is a seafront promenade with plenty of fascinating shops and restaurants. There are also two impressive art museums, quite a feat for such a small town. Many visitors like the vibrant atmosphere which, when combined with its relaxing beaches and slower pace of life is a winning combination.

Hotel Continental Barcelona Hotel Continental Palacete

Tarragona – Roman History Unveiled

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tarragona offers many insights into Catalonia’s past, operating almost as a free open-air museum in many parts of the town. Well-known for its local cuisine and food markets, Tarragona was an important outpost of the Roman Empire and plenty of Roman-era architecture is still on view. As well as ancient ruins, you’ll still find Roman arcades used for storage in some parts. Don’t miss the splendid Balcony of the Mediterranean, a viewpoint over the sea that’s as loved by locals as it is by visitors.

Girona – Medieval Marvel

Located to the north of Barcelona, Girona is inland and provides a different outlook on Catalonia’s rich history and distinctive way of life. A stroll along the River Onyar is recommended but it is perhaps for its mediaeval architecture that Girona is best known. The Old Quarter and the Jewish Quarter are particular highlights. The city is also a good place for eating and drinking while visitors arriving in the early part of the year may be able to coincide their time with Girona’s famous Mardis Gras festival.

Costa Brava hotel continental palacete barcelona

Costa Brava – Coastal Beauty

Finally, a Costa Brava day trip from Barcelona doesn’t take long to arrange because it is only a short drive up the coastal road before you get to it. Along with many secluded beaches and some traditional port towns, this stretch of coast offers plenty of countryside to hike in. If you prefer water sports, then hiring kayaks, water skiing, snorkelling and Scuba diving are all on offer at numerous locations.

The best origin: Hotel Continental Barcelona and Palacete

If you’re looking for the perfect hub for exploring Catalonia’s treasures, then there are few better choices than the Hotel Continental Barcelona and Hotel Continental Palacete. Their central location in the Las Ramblas and Rambla Catalunya, areas is handy for bars, restaurants and street entertainment while also offering visitors the chance to start day trips from the hotel. Being an all-inclusive hotel, there is a 24-hour buffet so you can eat whenever you return even if you have been out all day and nothing else is open in central Barcelona. Why not book it for your next Catalonian adventure?


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