The Carnaval in Barcelona is a 101 year old tradition in Barcelona organised by the «Comissió Cívica del Carnaval de Barcelona». The main carnaval is usually a week long. There are smaller carnival parades in the different barrios of Barcelona with events and parades in the Ciutat Vella carnavals called Carnavalassu, Carnavalada and Ravalstoltada. The most spectacular Carnaval parade and the highlight of the Barcelona Carnaval is the «La Grand Rua Central de Carnaval», usually on the Saturday during the Carnaval period. In 2011 it takes place Avinguda Parallel, which is between neighbourhoods of Poble Sec and Raval in Barcleona. More than 2000 people and over 30 carnaval groups usually take part from many different barrios of Barcelona. Info from

Carneval Barcelona 2011
03.03.2011: Dirty Thursday (Jueves Ladero)
05.03.2011: Big Parade (Gran Rua). Starg:20:30 pm
09.03.2011: Ash Wednesday

The exact starting point of the Grand Rua is usually on Avinguda Parallel by «Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies» – Three Chimneys gardens, the plaza by the three tall chimneys. The route is about 1.2km long and finishes at the junction of Avinguda Parallel and the street Tamarit. Other main Barcelona Carnaval events include ending the carneval with the traditional «Enterrament de la Sardina» – the sardine burying ceremony on Ash Wednesday – to mark the start of Lent. Book your hotel in Barcelona here.