Enjoy the Best coffee in town at The Continental Hotel Barcelona & The Hotel Continental Palacete

We are proud of our buffet: open 24 hours a day, all for free.

Especially our coffee: Suplied by www.Dibarcafe.com

Natural roasted coffee, 100% arabica variety. This is the most exquisite selection of arabica coffees, grown at heights of between 1,000 and 2,000 metres above sea level and considered as fine coffees. Low in caffeine, with an exquisite aroma, light body and just a touch of acidity to highlight all of its qualities. The overall combination is a coffee with an intense flavour, with hints of caramel, sweet and very aromatic. It is the most sought-after coffee.
Designed mainly for high class coffee shops where coffee is considered the star product. It is presented in an aluminium complex wrapper with a degasification valve, for longer and better conservation of the product. It includes a use-by date and a guarantee of quality.

The Coffee-maker:

To offer all this High standard quality products, free of charge, the cups and cutlery are in plastic.

To protect environment, the hotel follows strict recycling rules and we invite our Guests, and Staff to do the same.

We hope you will enjoy it.