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A Walk Through the Barcelona Gothic Quarter

At this time, when the temperature rises the spring gives us warm sunshine, longer days and the first flush of green.

Therefore, another fantastic recommendation for this breezy season is a walk through the Barcelona gothic quarter and its more emblematic Places (the Catalan Squares).

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Plaça Sant Felip Neri

Taking our Continental Barcelona and Continental Palacete Hotels as a starting point, the Sant Felip Neri Square is a must when strolling around the former Jewish quarter. In this Romantic with a hint of decadence plaça there is a baroque church from which it is honored its name.

The Plaça Sant Felip Neri tells more to pedestrians when it is silent and isolated since one may still hear the sound of the bombs that fell from the sky on that fateful January 1938. And something that even today shocks locals and visitors are the visible healed wounds on the Church main facade.

Plaça Sant Jaume

Leaving behind Sant Felip Neri Square and stepping forward to an even narrower and more labyrinthine old Barcelona you will come across with Plaça Sant Jaume. The square is presided over by the City Town Hall building and right opposite to it there is the Palau de la Generalitat (the Catalan government venue).

Plaça Reial

Whereas the Sant Jaume square is located somewhere more in the depth of the Gothic Quarter, Plaça Reial is a popular square just off the very famous Las Ramblas. Considered as a social focal point especially at night, this square counts with a valuable architectural detail: The designed by Gaudí lanterns.

Plaça Sant Agustí

This pleasant walk has now come to an end. So far, you have been wandering all around bustling areas until you reach the last square of our spring recommendation: Plaça Sant Agustí Vell (Sant Agustí “The Old”) in Born District. Bearing the name of the Convent of Sant Agustí Vell, the current square was part of it as a front yard of its still standing church.

The plaça features one of the Canaletes Fountain replicas that can be found in all Barcelona.

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