Carnival, which also happens in Barcelona, is the time of joy, exuberance and joie de vivre, before Ash Wednesday when the 46-day Lent to Easter begins. Carnival, in Catalonia “Carnaval” is celebrated as in Central Europe. One disguises oneself, there are carnival events and parades, which are almost as colourful as in Cologne or Mainz. And the bars are full.

The special costumes, the typical disguises and wizards make this carnival so worth seeing. Also, children will love the carnival in Barcelona.
The carnival begins in Spain with “Dirty Thursday”, in Barcelona this day is called Jueves Ladero – Greasy Thursday, or Dijous Gras in Catalan. This day is dedicated to the “Greasy” and “Vice” and celebrated with many festivals in which vast amounts are eaten.
The weekend belongs to the Carnival Guilds. Highlight is the Gran Rue, the big carnival Parade (see below) with loads of colourful decorated carriages and carnival Groups.

On Ash Wednesday the carnival comes to an end with the funeral of the sardine. The King of Carnival dies and is buried in his grave in a funeral cortège, accompanied by his widow and companions – the colourful costumes are appropriately exchanged to black mourning clothes.
Traditionally, on this day fish is eaten.

Join the festivity from Feb.16-Feb.22

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