1-On average, everyday, seven days a week, 150,000 people walk along La Rambla.

2FC Barcelona is the biggest privately owned stadium in the world (seating 100,000 people) and is also one of Barcelona’s most visited tourist attractions.

3-When Gaudí was creating the sculptures of the Nativity Facade on the Sagrada Familia, he used corpses of dead babies, only 2-3 days old, in order to prepare the scene of the soldier and the innocents. The soldier in the scene has six toes on one of his feet and this is because the man who was modelling for Gaudi, also had six toes.

4-The most walked on street in Spain, is Portal de L’Angel. Approximately 3,500 people walk down this shopping street every hour.

5-There are two Spanish legends concerning the founding of Barcelona. One legend says that it was founded by Hercules, 400 years before the building of Rome. According to the other legend, the city was founded by the Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal, in the 3rd century BC and that it got its name from the great Barca family of Carthage.

6-Antoni Gaudi was not the first architect to work on the Sagrada Familia. Architect, Francesc del Villar, was actually the first one who was commissioned to design the church on that site. A year into the project he resigned and Gaudi took over and completely revamped the design.

7-Barcelona is to thank for World Book Day. La Diada de San Jordi is one of the biggest, most widely celebrated festival days in Barcelona which takes place on April 23rd and is a celebration of love and literacy.


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