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Bar Bas Restaurant

Right between Hotel Continental Barcelona and Hotel Continental Palacete, Bar Bas has recently opened its doors to delight both locals and visitors palates.

Located in La Rambla de Catalunya, 7, this brand new tapas restaurant offers an extensive menu combining Spanish most traditional and successful dishes with also Catalan seasonal cuisine, offered with a carefully selected wine list from diferent Spain designations of origin.


Among their tapas specialties we stand out the homemade anchovies and the fresh anchovies with vinegar, which can be found in their ‘canned food’ (El Tapeo enlatado) menu section. From their Clásicos section (Classics), we highlight the croquettes, candied chicken and their Olivier Salad.

The ‘Just Like At Home’ section (Como en casa) guests will be provided with  a whole assortment of smoked fish, the typical Spanish omelet, sautéed navy beans with Catalan sausage Botifarra and beef meatballs with cuttlefish.

Restaurante Bar Bas
Rambla de Catalunya, 7
tel. 93 342 75 16

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