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World cup Snowboard 2011 La Molina


Program World Cup Snowboard 2011, La Molina.
2011 14/01/2011 Barcelona Entrenamientos BA (Big Air)
15/01/2011 Barcelona Opening Ceremony
15/01/2011 Barcelona BA Men
16/01/2011 La Molina Training SBX (Snowboard Cross) men and women
17/01/2011 La Molina Qualification SBX (Snowboard Cross) men and women
18/01/2011 La Molina SBX men and women
19/01/2011 La Molina Qualification HP (Half Pipe) men and women
20/01/2011 La Molina HP men and women
21/01/2011 La Molina PGS (Paralell Gigante) men and women
22/01/2011 La Molina PSL (Paralell Slalom) men and women
22/01/2011 La Molina World cup party in the Polideportivo, Alp

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