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Why has a reservation form vs direct booking engine

Hotel Continental Barcelona and Hotel Continental Palacete are part of a small familly run Company, and the people who are part of it believe overall in the power of the people. Nowadays less and less of the daily processes are conducted by people, but instead carried out by engines or computers.
If our website had a booking engine, where Guests can reserve directly their reservations, the facts are the following: A Guest finds the website, then decides to reserve, fills in the reservation form, and automatically receives the confirmation. With this process, there is only one acting person: The Guest. Related with the Guest, nothing has to be done by the hotel. However, has no a booking engine, instead, it has an amusing reservation form on request. So, when a Guest finds us, and decides to book, they have to fill the reservation form. Of course the confirmation is not inmediate, but, we can ensure that in less than 20 minutes each request is answered. We are there 24 hours a day. When our Guests receive a confirmation, it is not an automatically generated e-mail confirming a reservation, but a real mail, that has been sent by one of the members of our Staff.

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