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Welcome Christmas to Barcelona and to Continental Hotel!

Barcelona is preparing Christmas!

Last Thursday, November 28, all the streets of Barcelona lived a long awaited moment: the city’s lights on for Christmas.

Las Ramblas, Paseo de Gracia, Rambla Catalunya, Gran de Gracia … and many streets of Barcelona have been decorated with beautiful bright Christmas details. It is the beginning of the Christmas season.

Do you want to know our traditions during Christmas?

We explain here some of the most emblematic elements that are not usually missing in our homes during these dates. We would love you to share them with us!

  1. El Pesebre

It is typical that every home prepares a “Pesebre”, the Christmas cribs, that represents the birth of the Child Jesus, son of God and the Virgin Mary with the biblical scenes of the moment: the proclamation of the shepherds, the adoration of the Child, the arrival of the “three kings”, the animals that graze, the washers in the river… and a typical Catalan character called “caganer”, a shepherd who wears the typical costume with the “barratina” and who squats doing what you can see in the photo … Its origins date back to the 18th century and it was considered a sign of good luck because it paid the field!

If you come to our hotels, you will be able to contemplate our “Pesebres” a simple Christmas Crib that we like to show every year to be faithful to our tradition, history and family culture.

  1. El árbol de Navidad “The Christmas tree”

Nor can the traditional Christmas tree be lacking in homes, full of ornaments and lights that brighten our eyes and lead us to childhood memories.

The Christmas tree did not arrived to Spain until the 19th century. According to tradition, the lights of the tree represent the light of the world, pineapples are a symbol of immortality and family unity and the horseshoe is a sign of good luck.

Take advantage of the wonderful trees of Continental Barcelona and Continental Palacete to make your best Christmas pictures!

Christmas Hotel Continental Barcelona

  1. “Caldo de Nadal amb galets”, “turrones” and “neulas”

These are the most typical in our Christmas gastronomy, here we explain what are they about, don’t miss to taste them!

The “Nadal amb galets broth” is a very slowly cooked poultry and vegetable broth to which the huge “galets” is added, a paste with a conch shape.

The “turrones” is a delight for the sweet tooth. Bars of different flavours and textures that we recommend buying in patisseries, because they are artisans and much better and healthier than those we can find in a supermarket. One of our favourite “turrón” is that “yema cremada” y “crema catalana”.

With the dessert, can’t miss the catalan cava (our “champagne”) with “neules” elongated cookie pockets that you can dip in the cava and deliciously creak in the mouth!

Christmas Continental Hotel Barcelona

  1. El Tió en Nochebuena

When there are children, the “caga tió” is also very typical. It is a wooden log adorned with the typical Catalan “barratina” that the children feed each night before Christmas Eve. They do it so to satiate it in order to shit miles of gifts for the little ones.

The night of 24, it is covered with a blanket, the children are placed around and begin to sing while they hit it with a stick. After each chorus, gifts magically appear under the blanket!

  1. La Misa del Gallo i del “Pollet”

Also on Christmas Eve it is very typical in Barcelona to participate in the “Misa del Gallo” (Rooster’s Mass), at midnight in which the birth of Jesus is commemorated. A few years ago, the “Misa del Pollet” (little chicken Mass) arose, that is at 8pm and let the smallest and the oldest do not have to wait until noon to celebrate.

So far we have told you some of our main traditions of our Christmas, do not miss our next posts because there is still more!

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