Time Changes Again for Winter

And 3AM will be 2AM again.

Winter is around the corner and when it comes we say goodbye to long-lasting sunsets in Spain. All of a sudden, the day turns into a dark cold moment difficult to define whether is afternoon, evening or night already.

To take the most of the daylight, on Sunday morning at 3AM all watches will backward 1 hour, so that tomorrow October 30 (as the last Sunday of October) 3AM will be 2AM.

There is an official explanation for this change. It is said that with the arrival of winter it is necessary to adapt the daylight hours to the working hours. That is, if theoretically we begin to work with daylight, we finish even with natural daylight. To give credibility to this theory, studies show that the delay of the clocks in late October represents a savings of between 5% and 10% of energy. This alleged reduction of power consumption, impact also on the environment.

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