The Messi’s Garden

Under the short name of “Bellavista del Jardín del Norte”, our worldwide football star has just opened a Restaurant in Barcelona, in Enric Granados 86-88 at barely 15min from our Continental Hotels.

This is not a restaurant but a little town. The venue with a thousand square meters give much game. Bellavista del Jardín del Norte is an actual town with its own church, main square, grocery shop and other parochial typicalities.

The FC Barcelona player along with his brothers and the culinary entrepreneurs Iglesias brothers as well have created this space -for most “The Messi’s Garden”- to bring to all the foodies their particular town to comeback within Barcelona.

Apart from the original idea and the much more functional use of a restaurant, you really eat well in there. You can either grab a beer and watch the game in the “Futbolín” area (table football area) or you can have a delicious dinner and be served the favorite Messi’s milanesa napolitana a caballo (beef tenderloin with baked ham).

From Continental Hotels we highly recommend to visit this especial town with so much echoes of the forward Barça player and his hometown Rosario.


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