PHANTOM. Mies as Rendered Society

Following previous interventions by Ai Weiwei, SANAA and Jeff Wall, the Mies Van der Rohe Foundation and the Fundació Banc Sabadell presented on December 13th until February 28th the intervention PHANTOM. Mies as Rendered Society by the architect Andrés Jaque.

The Barcelona Pavilion is one of the maximum exemples of the modern architecture from the beggning of the XX century. But there is a part of the building that has remained hidden from the world. It this basement, there are objects, materials and tools representing the social tissue, consisting of institutions and citizens that made the rebuilding possible. This installation is the result of a research carried out for two years by Jaque.

The architect wanted to attach importance to this basement built with an intentionally difficult entrance in order to keep the above mentioned objects in it, but also to keep it from becoming an exhibition space in which both the pavilion and the image of Van der Rohe were analyzed. The main protagonist, however, isn’t just the basement itself, but also the group of people who made this building possible, instead of insisting on the individual and reserved genius image that has been spreading since the inauguration of the pavilion in 1929.

Directions: Avda. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 7.
Opening hours: From monday to sunday (from 10:00 to 20:00 h)
Prices: 5€,  2,60€ for students and free for under 16 years old.

On sunday Guided Visit at 10.00h (english) 11.00h (spanish) 12.00h (catalan)10:00 h. inglés
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