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In a Glimpse: A Night Out in Barcelona and The Night of Museums 2017

These nights of May in Barcelona are being delightful. However, when you are visiting us in the middle of November, even begining of December, Barcelona throw open its windows when the sun goes down, and it is not disappointing you either.

Since we ever started this blog, two out of three posts are related to plans during the day in Barcelona. Truth is that (when you feel like it) the nightlife in here is so much tempting as well!

You can start the afternoon rambling up and down the Ramblas, break into the Old Town towards the Cathedral and reach Plaça de Sant Jaume. The sun is setting down but you already found shade underneath the old buildings of the narrows streets of el Barri Gòtic. An easy walk will take you to the sea where you can feel the Mediterranian breeze while walking down the Passeig Marítim in the Barceloneta. 

Barceloneta is the old fishermen town. Very related to the fortress of Parc de la Ciutadella, this military-grid area was formerly thought to accomodate previous inhabitants of La Ribera who had lost their homes due to the construction of the citadel. Nowadays, its people along with its low-rise and diminute scaled houses have converted the neighbourhood into one of the city’s most visited and popular one.

Go out for a Night in Barcelona

Passeig Marítim, 36, – Phone: +34 932 259 200

It is getting late and we are on the seafront. So many options at this point and we have all night ahead (again, if you feel like it). Here we stumble upon Shôko, the Restaurant & Lounge Club par excellance in the waterfront. Recommended by either our Hotel Continental Barcelona or our Hotel Continental Palacete in the center of Barcelona, at Shôko you are very welcome to sit on their terrace and animate your senses with a free glass of cava and the wonderful views of the Passeig which is just only surpassed by the horizon.

It is a bit colder by the sea yet, so we turn back to the Ramblas and look for Jamboree. If you are in Barcelona and you love jazz, Jamboree is the place to be! They can boast of two performances per day, 365 times a year. Not abusive at all as they do not skim on quality and the renowned little jazz cellar on Plaça Reial is visited by global jazz legends of all times on and on.

Finally we will lose sight of the Barri Gòtic for a while and will head up the Montjuïc hill to find a most romantic spot in Barcelona. How about Poble Espanyol? Take a quiet walk through the streets and squares of Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village) from 8pm and enjoy the fantastic views of Barcelona.

The Night of Museums in Barcelona

So far this is a new bunch of ideas to spend any night the cool way in the city. Ocasionally, each year there’s one night across countries in the European Union when museums stay open. This year it will be Saturday, 20 May 2017. The date when culture and knowledge are added to the Barcelona Nightlife grid.

The Night of Museums 2017: From A to Z, museums will open in Barcelona during the night (7pm to 1am)




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