Gràcia Barrio Annual Festa !

If you stroll around Gràcia you will easily notice that this neighborhood is something else.

Until the end of 19th century, Gràcia was a fiercely independent city and nowadays maintains a hotbed of political activity.

In fact, and again, if you stroll around Gràcia you will easily notice this is not a city but a village with particular inhabitants. Bohemian and cosmopolitan professionals living there wake up early and go to bed late to enjoy its streets full of life. There are very few cars driving through the narrow streets of the Vila de Gràcia and people still gather in his numerous plazas.

Next 15th August you will have the chance to live one of the most charismatic and quaint festa in Barcelona. During a week-long merrymakers gather in Gràcia’s decorated streets just like this:

grcTo check this year programme and learn more click on http://www.festamajordegracia.cat/

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