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Barcelona the magic city

Fall in love with the Barcelona’s magic

It is magic to have lived two days of specific episodes of disturbances and then get up the following morning as if nothing had happened.

This is because we, the people who live in Barcelona are open, welcoming, peaceful… we do not like confrontation. Thus, after two days of riots linked to the publication of the sentence of the so-called “procés” referring to the Catalan independence movement, Barcelona rose as if nothing had happened. With its bright sun and its charming, magical normality.

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Feeling the hospitality and tranquillity of Barcelona

With this post we want to explain that traveling to Barcelona is absolutely safe, that we are lucky to be geographically located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with mild temperatures and radiant sun most of the days. And that we live in absolutely calm atmosphere.

Hotel Continental Barcelona

The magic of Barcelona is lived in the street

When you walk through the Barcelona’s avenues, many of them, with large sidewalks, such as Las Ramblas, Rambla de Catalunya, Paseo de Gracia, Avenida Diagonal, with lots of trees; even when you do it in pedestrian areas such as Portal de l’Àngel, Avenida de la Catedral and the entire Gothic quarter, you discover a respectful and friendly murmur that invites you to walk and perceive with all your senses the landscape that merge people and environment .

As you see I’m in love with my city and the people who live here. Whether from here or arrived from elsewhere. For me and my Continental Hotel family, whatever and wherever we are, we are part of the Humanity that unites us. That is our value and that is why we give all our love and attention to those around us, be our dear customers, be our teams, be the rest of our collaborators.

We hope that this post contributes to knowing a new side of our beloved Barcelona: its infinite magic!

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