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Hotel Continental Palacete receives Kayak “Best Small Hotel 2020” distinction

Thank you KAYAK Travel Awards 2020 for this recognition to Hotel Continental Palacete 

A recognition that has greater value taking into account the complex circumstances in which the hotel and tourism sector in general finds itself, as indicated by José María Malagarriga, director and owner:

“We are not very fond of publishing the distinctions we receive from Metasearch and Online Agencies, but obtaining this distinction in 2020, with all the difficulties and all the elements against it, has a special value: It means that we have continued to provide service despite everything; staying open at all times; we have taken care of our clients, our Staff, and our city. We are very proud. Thanks to all the customers who have made this distinction possible in this year 2020”.

Hotel Continental Palacete BArcelona

Hotel Continental Palacete Best small hotel in Spain 2020

As a result of the evaluations of our customers, the Hotel Continental Palacete has been recognized with this award, within the category “Best Small Hotels”.

Without a doubt, our family spirit and tradition, our commitment and vocation of service to our guests, and also to our staff, community, and suppliers… make us feel very proud of this recognition given to us by those who decide to choose us for their stay in Barcelona.

We encourage you to enjoy our hotel, to consume and to support the hotel and tourism sector

We want to remind you that we have made a great effort to guarantee security and protection in our hotels, the Continental Barcelona, ??still closed due to the situation, and the Continental Palacete, always open, in the middle of Rambla de Catalunya, 5 minutes from Plaza de Catalunya, the pure center of Barcelona.

At this time, we need to be responsible, that means following the protection recommendations, keeping an eye on them and also consuming.

We see how our local businesses are also in a difficult situation. Fear cannot paralyze us, we encourage you to consume, if we have the possibility to do so, enjoy the hotels that we are open in Barcelona, ??go out to lunch and dinner at our restaurants, buy in our proximity stores, generate consumption to contribute to sustainability of our neighborhoods is the way to sustain our neighborhood.

Kayak thank you very much for this award! We hope to win many more!

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