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Christmas with you is the best of us

Welcome to the fact that Christmas changes all of us. From the very first lights, the first bite of a gingerbread biscuit to the very first George Michael´s Last Christmas of the year… all this changes us.

We wish it is cold to light the coal on the stove or the wood in the fireplace. To take out the blankets and cover the whole of ourselves but the nose and the eyes. We love wearing woolen hats and globes plus kilometric scarfs.

We do enjoy endless table talks after a large meal and we welcome the excess because the occasion worth it. Christmas changes us.

At this special moment of the year, regardless where we come from we are very happy for who we are and for whom we are with. The warmth is contagious worldwide. We go crazy in the city looking for the perfect gift for him or her and we care less about the time and the money spent.

From Continental Hotels in Barcelona we have been witnessing this change for years.

We receive you and instantly we are all traveling into a Dickens carol twisted into one of his characters full of optimism, joy, warmth and life for whom there is no room for Scrooges nor lousy imitations.

This travel means a lot to us and we feel thankful for that. Thank you for your experiences gift.

Our biggest wish for this Christmas is for you to never change and let yourself be changed by these holy days. VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL

Hotel Continental Christmas

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