Celler de Gelida

Catalonia is home to big names in wine. Besides, in some occasions what you wish to find is a barely known limited release. If we add this to the fact that we are in such a city away from the countryside our chances to come across with that special beverage are negligible.

At 15 minutes by public transport from the center of Barcelona –where our Continental Hotels are located – we can find ‘Celler de Gelida’ (Vallespir Str. 65), a fantastic rustic family-owned winery founded in 1895.

The Falguera Family has been in wine business for 5 generations. It all started in a little town situated at 40km from Barcelona called Gelida, and now –more than a century later- they are known to be running one of the most prestigious wineries in Barcelona.

celler gelida

The ‘Celler de Gelida’ offers more than 4,000 different wines from around the world some of them with more than a hundred of vintages.

Let yourself be surprised by their wide range of cognacs, Armagnacs, rums, whiskeys and brands from every corner of the world

And we would strongly recommend their grappa and limoncello selection, especially the delicious limoncello from Sorrento.

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